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So I Started a Blog…

After the birth of our second child, I was hell bent on being a stay at home/work at home mom. I researched extensively {or so I thought} on just how exactly to make money through blogging. It’s something that popped up on my Pinterest feed rather frequently to be honest. Income reports of moms who had made thousands, more than I make in an entire year in just one MONTH!! 

Turns out, making a money through blogging is HARD! I’ve been officially blogging with a self hosted site for just under 4 months and I have yet to see a single dime. Have I been working as hard as others do to promote, put in ads, and do all that it takes to make a successfully monetized blog? Nope, not even close. As a matter of fact I’m just now using scheduling apps to do better at promoting and sharing my posts.

When I told my mom I was thinking of starting a blog she was clueless as to what a blog even was. When I told my husband about starting a blog he was supportive. But other than those two people, I kind of felt silly telling anyone else.

What if people don’t like what I write about? What if people think I’m weird? Well I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there that already probably think this, so what’s one more “quirk” added to my list right? What if people don’t read what I write? Truth is, my viewership rate isn’t all that high anyways, it’s rather quite average. But I figured out that if I am not writing for me, if I’m not writing about content that’s relateable, pure, and honest, if I’m writing strictly for somebody else and not me then why am I doing it to begin with?!

Through loving creative writing classes in high school to composition classes in college, even writing poems before then I have always enjoyed writing. Journaling has always helped me work through personal problems or sometimes there’s a thought in my head that I just have to get out. I still to this day {obviously} enjoy writing, although I may not have the time to do it near as much as I’d like. 

 No, I haven’t made any money like I had planned. No, I’m not super famous, not even a little bit (thank goodness). No, I haven’t gone viral and had hundreds of thousands of shares. Yeah, there’s some of you who probably think I’m weird for blogging. And there’s probably some people who don’t like what I blog about too. But that’s okay! All of this is okay.   But guess what? I’m having fun! I’m enjoying writing more than what 160 characters on twitter will allow, I enjoy creating something to share with my friends and family through Facebook (although I love you all…well most of you 😉) I’m writing for me, and maybe a little for you too. 

I guess my point of this whole thing is – it’s important to do what you love. It’s important to do things for you. If people think you’re weird, so what?! Embrace it. Be happy. Stop worrying so much about what everyone else thinks. If you want to write or draw or sing or bake or craft or take photographs then do it!!! And when you feel comfortable, share your talents with the world. But don’t lock them up forever for nobody to see. Don’t you dare hide yourself away or make yourself small enough to fit in the box that others may have put you in. Don’t ever be afraid to be who you are. You are one of a kind. An original. A work of art created especially unique and beautiful. Stay true to you and the ones who truly love you, the ones who truly care about you will always be on your team, yeah, even me. 

13 thoughts on “So I Started a Blog…

  1. I love this! I feel this same way. I was debating on starting my personal blog because I was worried about what my family might say or feel towards me, but then I decided to do it anyway. Each of my relatives have different experiences and opinions so we’ll never think the same way or recollect an event with the same exact details. I have my right to my own opinion. Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. I had those same feelings as well! And you’re right, you do. Everyone does 😊
      Of course you can!! Thank you for asking 😊

  2. Glad you’re taking your skills to another level. Your discoveries will evolve dynamically as well as dramatically! I’m still stunned at how quickly you’d go through library books as a teen. All for a purpose, the now and beyond. Your gift will bless many. Keep up the good work.

  3. I just started blogging, largely for the same reasons except I’m older and my kids are all grown. I have had those exact same thoughts. Reading your post was liking reading something from my own mind. Good luck, Girl!!!

    1. Thank you Dianna! Same to you 😊 blogging is fun for me, even if there is a LOT of learning I still have left to do.

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