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11 Truths of Being Married to a Craftaholic

Hi, my name is Ashland and I’m a craftaholic. My husband is an enabler to my addiction. This last Christmas he bought me my first Cricut – an Explore Air 2 – and it’s only gotten worse. My craftroom is in our basement and has taken over almost every square inch of it.  God bless him, has learned to turn a blind eye as I’m sure most husbands in his situation have. This one is for them…

11 Truths of Being Married to a Craftaholic: Written From the Husband’s Point of View.

1.)  My wife’s Craft Room is sacred ground. I will not touch or rearrange anything unless asked to do so. Yeah, it’s a disaster zone but she says that she has a system, so as I hear her cussing up a storm because she can’t find something I’ll stay upstairs until she asks {more like demands} for assistance.

2.) “I’m starting a new project!” Oooooh goodie. The five worst words I could ever hear. I wonder if this one will actually get finished, unlike the other dozen that sit incomplete and neglected. Instead I reply “That sounds great honey!!” and let her hide away in her craft room hunched over her work muttering to herself and making up new cuss words when she deems the usual ones unfit to describe her frustration.

3.)  The dining room table isn’t just for eating. Ooooh no. There will always be a minimum of five crafting tools or related objects or projects on the table. I will not mention any of this. I will try my hardest not to make a smart remark when she complains about the mess. 

4.) At some point during the week I will get glitter all over me. I don’t know where it came from or how I managed to get into it this time. As irritating as it is I have grown to accept it. 

5.) The coupon book from JoAnns will inevitably be left around various spots in the house until the coupons have expired. I’m always so tempted to just throw it out, but I know she’d know. 

6.) A five minute trip into Dollar Tree will never be just five minutes. And when she comes back to the car with six or more bags I will practice my deep breathing and remind myself that everything is only $1. 

7.) Aside from the electric sander I will not let her use power tools. For one, she has no idea what she’s doing. Two, she will more than likely end up throwing something out of frustration. And three, we don’t really have the money for an ER visit when she saws off her fingers or impales her hand with a drill. Her hand eye coordination is sketchy at best, so the use of a hammer is also probably best if left to me. 

8.)  “Is it okay if I run to town?” Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap. This means she’s got plans to go to Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or JoAnn’s. Probably all three. And don’t forget Dollar Tree, God knows she wouldn’t. I’ll say “Sure, love. That’s fine.” and pray she won’t max out the credit card while she’s on her way out of the driveway. When she gets home I’ll help her carry in the twenty bags and not ask for the receipts. 

9.) Amazon Prime is the best, yet worst, investment we’ve made. Free two day shipping and it’s usually cheaper than her favorite craft stores. Plus, I don’t have to stay home alone all day with the kids if she orders off there.

10.) Housework will occasionally be neglected when she has a big project in mind. I’ll try my best to pick up the slack and not comment on this. 

11.) I will always complement her work, even when it may not look the best. I’ll try to remember to look up from my phone or the television and actually look at the masterpiece she has created before saying “Looks good honey!”. 

8 thoughts on “11 Truths of Being Married to a Craftaholic

  1. I love this! I showed this to my partner and he laughed his ass off! He completely understands and relates to this. Well done, smashing post!
    We should all remember to thank our partners with home made crafty love 🙂

    1. Oh gosh! 😂😂 That probably wasn’t wise lol. But it would be nice to have someone to craft with! Logan just usually sits upstairs watching TV when he’s home and I’m Crafting 😂

  2. HAHA! I’m not a craft-aholic, but my husband is a project-aholic… so I definitely get this from your husband’s point of view! (esp the part about remembering to actually look at the thing before I tell him how amazing it is! lol!)

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